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  • USE CODE "EM10" FOR 10% OFF!
  • USE CODE "EM10" FOR 10% OFF!
  • Don't Forget to add your song link In the right place!
  • USE CODE "EM10" FOR 10% OFF!

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What affects YouTube video promotion?

What affects YouTube video promotion?

YouTube is the top platform to develop and earn, and there are several reasons for this:


1) Audience: more than 2 billion users. YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors. In addition, users of all ages are represented on YouTube. This means that active YouTube authors have access to audiences of all ages, and that audience is very active on the site!


2) YouTube is the world's second-most visited website! And the second-most used search engine. That means a lot, people use YouTube for all purposes: here they search for how-to content, entertainment, education, news. 


3) An important point is that there is a lot of room for monetization. There is a choice among the official offer of automatically integrated advertising from YouTube, sponsorship, direct advertising and selling your own products via your channel. 


4) A wide choice of content. From classic videos to trendy Youtube Shorts, you can create content on any topic and you have a lot of chances to get a large audience and a lot of feedback. 


But in order to successfully develop your content, you need to be on time with the promotion of the channel! 


On our site you can find services for promoting all the most important metrics on YouTube. Let's break down the different metrics in order to develop your page competently!




It is desirable to buy reviews instantly after publishing a video, because it affects the YouTube ranking algorithm. If you buy promotion by views as soon as you upload your video to the site, you will rise in search and have more organic views, because more people will find you that way! Also, when users see that your video has a lot of views, it creates intrigue: "what's so interesting there?"  




The likes are important for the overall image of the video. If you have a lot of views, but no likes, it can cause suspicion. For this service you can use our drip-feed feature, which allows you to determine yourself the speed at which you add likes. This will allow your video to gain likes seamlessly. This service, as well as many other services, has a refill guarantee, which means that we will provide you with all the likes you’ve paid for even in case of partial drop. 




Commentary shows viewer engagement. And engagement, in turn, affects the algorithm. Comments are an important criterion that builds trust in your channel. Engagement is important so that your channel wants to come back to you again and again. It helps to create not just another YouTube channel, but a real community, where people share their opinions and are interested in the next video. 




Who creates all of the above activity, if not subscribers? It's the followers that attract new viewers to your channel. This is the most important metric to assess how big your channel is and how successful your content creation efforts are. A large number of followers means that they love you and are waiting for new videos on your channel. With our service you can get up to 150 subscribers a day, and they will come from all over the world! In addition, subscribers are important to start monetizing your channel. 


Watch time 


To connect YouTube monetization, you need:

  • have 1,000 or more subscribers;
  • accumulate at least 4000 hours of views in the last 12 months;
  • do not violate YouTube's rules.


Buying watch time will allow you to connect monetization on YouTube instantly. You'll be able to make money from what you like to do, which is a great opportunity.


Live stream views


Streaming has been gaining popularity at a breakneck speed in recent years. You can stream everything from games and concerts to mountain climbing and candlelight events. Streaming is dynamic content that is in huge demand. During streaming, users tend to be more active, writing comments and liking more than regular videos. On our website you can find services that you can choose from, based on how long your streaming will last. Services take effect instantly! Plus, you can choose the country your live stream viewers come from. 


Don't be left out, take the chance to make a content bomb out of your account!  All our services are absolutely safe for your channel. In just a couple of clicks you can change the fate of your channel, making it vibrant and popular. Our services are used by thousands of people all over the world, don't lag behind and make a promotion today!

What are we offering?

YouTube Packages- prices are from $15 per package includes likes , subscribers and views