• USE CODE "EM10" FOR 10% OFF!
  • Don't Forget to add your song link In the right place!
  • USE CODE "EM10" FOR 10% OFF!
  • USE CODE "EM10" FOR 10% OFF!
  • Don't Forget to add your song link In the right place!
  • USE CODE "EM10" FOR 10% OFF!

The #1 Music Promotion Platform

ElectroMusic Network is a service specializing in Music Promotion.

Whether you’re a beginner struggling to get heard or an industry veteran looking for extra exposure, ElectroMusic Promotion has the package promotion that will suit your needs.

Our Clients

Interscope Records

We worked with agents and many signed artists from Interscope Records.

Sony Music

We promoted a spotify campaign for billboard artist "Logan henderson" sponsored by Sony Music

Universal Music Group

We worked with big artists and agent's from Universal Music Group


We did massive campaign for SNOOP DOGG! Campaign link

Spininin records

We worked with Spininin records artist like Jetfire,Skan,Rivero and many more!

Rae Sremmurd

Promoted Rae Sremmurd popular song Perplexing Pegasus!

Wiz Khalifa

We Promoted Wiz Khalifa song by this link  

Chris Brown

We promoted Chris Brown song!

21 Savage

Massive Promotion for 21 Savage featuring \ Song Link




The way our promotion works, is pretty simple! We can Promote your track after 24/72 hours of ordering, by driving a lot of reposts & driving your track  tons of listeners . All reposts therefore you’ll get the best promotion as possible towards your music. 

You will get a proof link of our work by mail. 

Is this legit promotion?

Yes It Is! 100% of real followers will repost your music and promote It with real results! 

Which genre are you promoting?

Any genre can be promoted by our service!

Which artists & Labels have you working with?

So we worked with thousands of artists , from new artists who want to push their music career to the biggest In the music scene! 


Such as : Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cents, 2 Chainz , Chris Brown, Fetty Wap , Snoop Dogg (Hip Hop & Rap scene) , we worked also with the EDM Scene such as Spinnin Records, Revealed Records, SONY MUSIC, Hexagon Records, Armada and many many more !